GW501516 (Cardarine) – Solution, 600mg (20mg/mL)

GW501516 (Cardarine) – Solution, 600mg (20mg/mL)


Concentration: 20mg per mL, 600mg/30mL total; includes 1mL pipette.

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Data Sheet: GW501516 (Cardarine) – Solution, 600mg (20mg/mL)

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ApplicationPPARδ receptor agonist
Molar Mass453.498 g/mol
 Chemical FormulaC21H18F3NO3S2
Chemical Name{4-[({4-methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5-yl}methyl)sulfanyl]-2-methylphenoxy}acetic acid
SynonymsGW501516, Cardarine, Endurobol, GSK-516
StorageRoom temperature
SolubilityPEG, Ethanol
Organoleptic ProfileClear Liquid
Physical FormSolution in PEG-400, Ethanol
ReportsHPLC, Potency, HNMR
TermsThe products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.
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Additional NotesThis compound was withdrawn from clinical trials due to promotion of carcinogenesis.