Resveratrol Phytosome – Powder, 10g

Resveratrol Phytosome – Powder, 10g

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Resveratrol is a stilbenoid, a type of natural phenol, and a phytoalexin produced by several plants (including grapes, raspberries, and peanuts) in response to injury or disease. Resveratrol appears in nature most commonly as two stereoisomers, Trans-Resveratrol the subject of much study due to its Sirtuin-related pharmacology and Cis-Resveratrol a less stable, less bioactive and less studied analogue. In general we will use Trans-Resveratrol and Resveratrol interchangeably to refer to the former. Resveratrol Phytosome is a highly bioavailable phytosome form of Resveratrol, providing over four times the potency of standard Resveratrol in the human metabolism. Scientific studies suggest Resveratrol Phytosome and Resveratrol may act as an antioxidant, sirtuin upregulator, and longevity promoter. Read more about Resveratrol Phytosome.

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  • Over-weighed slightly to compensate for loss by adhesion.
  • PET single-wall jar with UV resistance to minimize degradation.
  • Tamper-proof seal to ensure safety in transit.

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Data Sheet

Resveratrol Phytosome – Powder, 10g

Application Antioxidant, Sirt1 modulator
CAS Trans-Resveratrol: 501-36-0
Lecithin: 8002-42-3
Molar Mass Trans-Resveratrol: 228.25 g/mol
Lecithin: 758.1 g/mol 
 Chemical Formula Trans-Resveratrol: C14H12O3
Lecithin: C42H80NO8P
IUPAC Name Trans-Resveratrol: 5-[(E)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]benzene-1,3-diol
Lecithin: [3-hexadecanoyloxy-2-[(9Z,12Z)-octadeca-9,12-dienoyl]oxypropyl] 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate 
Synonyms Trans-Resveratrol: 3,4′,5-stilbenetriol, 3,4′,5-Trihydroxystilbene, 3,5,4′-trihydroxystilbene , resveratrol, Resveratrol 3 sulfate, Resveratrol, (Z)-, resveratrol-3-sulfate, SRT 501, SRT-501, SRT501, trans Resveratrol, trans Resveratrol 3 O sulfate, trans-resveratrol, trans-resveratrol-3-O-sulfate
Lecithin: Soybean lecithin, PLPC, 1-palmitoyl-2-linoleoylphosphatidylcholine, AC1O5PJK , STL451270, H918 , [3-hexadecanoyloxy-2-[(9Z,12Z)-octadeca-9,12-dienoyl]oxypropyl] 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate, 3,5,8-Trioxa-4-phosphahexacosa-17,20-dien-1-aminium, 4-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-9-oxo-7-(((1-oxohexadecyl)oxy)methyl)-, hydroxide, inner salt, 4-oxide, (Z,Z)-, 3-(hexadecanoyloxy)-2-[(9Z,12Z)-octadeca-9,12-dienoyloxy]propyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate, Phosphatidylcholine 
Storage Store at room temperature, tightly sealed, away from heat, light and moisture. This material is hygroscopic, it can absorb moisture from the air and form a hard hydrate crystal, making it harder to measure.
Solubility Ethanol
Organoleptic Profile Light brown powder
Physical Form Solid powder composed of 33% w/w Trans-Resveratrol (origin: Polygonum cuspidatum) and 67% Lecithin (origin: Soy)
Specification ≥99%
Terms This material is sold for laboratory research use only. Terms of sale apply. Not for human consumption, nor medical, veterinary, or household uses. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.